As a small school we work hard to make our services as accessible as possible. Each year a small number of part-bursary places are given consideration. Funding comes from EMAS Foundation. Places are awarded based on financial need, commitment to the Montessori approach and commitment to the ethos and aims of the school.

Assistance for the school year 2021-22 has already been awarded.

Download a PDF of our most recent full Bursary Policy here.

Bursaries FAQs

Means-tested bursaries are a complex issue – we have put together some of the most commonly-asked questions to outline the process. If you have any further questions, or to request a Bursary Application pack, please do get in touch by contacting, with the reference ‘Bursary’.

Q: What sort of help is available with school fees through the EMAS Foundation?

A: We are able to offer financial support that could amount to 30% of our fees to some parents on low incomes whose child/ren are offered a place at the school. Places are offered to those who show the greatest potential to benefit from all that EMAS has to offer.

Q: How do I qualify for help with school fees?

A: Discounts on school fees are calculated by a means test. Funding is available to children entering the elementary class at age 6/7, and to those joining the Young People’s Program at age 11+. Our calculations of eligibility for means-tested funding are based on a range of factors including net household income (after income tax and National Insurance), the value of any property owned, and other lifestyle considerations. All offers of funded places will be subject to the child successfully completing our usual entry procedures.

Q: If my child is offered a place at EMAS am I guaranteed financial support?

A: No. Children/ Young People who show the most compelling evidence of their potential to make the most of all that EMAS has to offer are assessed first. We look at each in turn as we progress down the list offering financial support where it is most needed. As funds are limited we may not be able to meet the financial needs of all those who are further down the list. This may mean that your child is offered a place but not any financial support.

Q: What do school fees cover?

A: The fees cover all the costs incurred in the usual course of teaching your child, including the provision of educational materials. Fees are charged in advance.

Q: Are there any other costs?

A: Any hot lunches, extra-curricular activities or clubs as well as individual music lessons, trips and visits in which your child may participate, are ‘extra’ and are charged separately. Extras might range between £60 to £500 per term depending on the activities undertaken. You will need to provide for the cost of the School uniform, which could cost up to £300 each year depending upon your child’s age.  A deposit is also payable, but this may be reduced or waived in the event that significant financial assistance is awarded.

Q: Which age groups do the discounts apply to?

A: Children entering the Elementary class at age 6/7 or the Young People’s Program at age 11+.

Q: Does it matter where I live to be eligible?

A: No, although travel costs should be taken into consideration by the family as financial support does not cover these.

Q: My child is currently a pupil at EMAS – can we apply for a discounted place?

A: Parents of current pupils may approach the Foundation to apply for bursary support on should they find that they are in financial difficulty.

Q: If my child is offered a place, will his/her siblings be offered a place too?

A: Each child is assessed on individual merit and cannot be guaranteed a place by virtue of having a sibling already at EMAS.

Q: If I already receive financial support for one child at the school will I qualify for financial support for my second child?

A: Any financial support provided to one child will be taken into account in assessing the support necessary for another.

Q: How can you ensure my child will not be treated differently to other pupils?

A: The application process is entirely confidential – teaching staff are not made aware of any financial assistance provided. EMAS is able to focus on ensuring that every child is fully integrated into school life irrespective of their economic background, so that all pupils can benefit from what EMAS has to offer.

Q: How many discounted places are available?

A: There is no absolute limit on the number of discounted places for pupils because the levels of financial assistance vary from child to child. The total amount of money available is also limited and its allocation is based on means-testing, and viewing of a child’s past school reports and success at trial days.

On average, each year there might be:

One award at 6-9+
Two awards at 11+

Q: At what age do discounts apply?

A: 6 years +

Q: How do I apply?

A: Complete an application form and send it to
You will be sent an invitation to attend the relevant meetings which include an interview, informal assessment when your child meets his/her teacher and trial days in the relevant classroom. EMAS will write to the child’s current school to ask for an up-to-date report.

Q: When are the assessments?

A: Assessment visits are facilitated as needed throughout the school year for enrolment the following year.

Trial days are held in October for January entry and March/April for August entry.

Q: Do I have to pay to apply to the school?

A: Yes. There is an application fee for the Elementary school. If significant financial assistance is required, this fee may be reduced in consultation with the Admissions Team.

Q: Is there an entrance exam?

A: No. The assessment process takes the form of an initial meeting with the family. This is followed by two or more trial days within the relevant classroom.

Q: Will the means-test be repeated each year?

A: Yes – the school will notify you when you are required to provide new information about your income in preparation for the next school year. This may mean that the discount is reduced if your income increases significantly.

Q: What other factors do you consider when deciding whether an application qualifies for assistance?

A: We also look carefully at any other sources of income and at the value of any property that you might own or other investments that you hold. You should also tell us about any changes that will affect your current financial circumstances as soon as you have details.

Q: What happens if my salary rises by a small amount after my child enters the school, so that I no longer qualify for financial assistance according to EMAS fees calculator, but still cannot afford to pay the fees?

A: The assistance is provided on a graduated scale, therefore small changes in your income will have a correspondingly small effect on the assistance you receive.

Q: Does financial assistance last for my child’s entire school career?

A: No – subject to an annual means-test re-assessment and provided that your child’s attendance, progress and behaviour merits the continuation of the assistance the award will be continued until your child starts the next phase of education. If awarded at Elementary you must reapply for entry into the Young People’s Program.

Q: Will we have the opportunity to visit the school to see if my child likes it before applying?

A: Yes – we run an annual Open Day in October. Please contact us on  to book your spot. Alternatively, if you have missed this year’s event, we may be able to arrange a visit, where we will invite you to join a school tour, show you our facilities and answer any questions. International applicants may recieve a zoom lieu of the Open Day.