Advisory Group

The EMAS Advisory Group acts in the capacity of ‘critical friend’ to oversee the work of the school. The Principal is ultimately responsible for the performance of the School in achieving its aims. She works with the whole staff team and under the guidance of the Group to achieve these aims and ensure the smooth running of the school’s business activities.

The Group provide direction and support to the Principal, the School Finance Team and the staff of the School and independent adjudication as part of the School’s complaints procedure.

The Group meets no less than twice a year to:

  • Advise on policy and strategy for the School
  • Monitor alignment with national directives
  • Oversee the School’s finances
  • Recommend actions in managing EMAS from a business perspective

Between meetings Group Members may spend time working on individual projects that contribute to the strategic objectives of the School.

The Group’s terms of reference allow for members from a range of backgrounds and professions whose skills, knowledge and expertise greatly benefit the work of the Group in meeting its aims and objectives and contribute to the future development of the School.

Group Chairpersons:

Dr Helen Prochazka has been sharing her expertise as an educational consultant with the EMAS Advisory Group since 2008. She is Director of The Montessori Partnership, owner of a Montessori nursery school in England and sometime Chair of Montessori Education (UK).

Lorraine Fannin O.B.E. has been with the EMAS Advisory network since 2008. She has been a Board member of a number of public bodies, literature and arts organisations and companies. Lorraine is experienced in strategy, training and employment development,  organisational communication, and a wide range of governance issues.