Head of School

Emma Ratigan

Emma Rattigan

Principal and Founder

Emma developed her passion for Montessori education soon after leaving high school. She undertook training with MCI London and The Montessori Partnership and was inspired to take Montessori’s ideas to children around the world. She founded Edinburgh Montessori Arts School in 2006. Her colleagues describe her as a ‘big picture’ thinker and Emma enjoys using this skill to envision ways in which the school will grow and develop.


Administrative Support Team

Krisztina Wighardt

Wellbeing Coach and Strategic Project Lead

Krisztina provides coaching and guidance to the whole staff team as well as providing parent support and regular classroom support where it is needed.

She leads whole school project development as part of the administrative team.

Krisztina trained in Montessori teaching after many years as a Mindfulness and Life Coach. She joined EMAS in 2018. She is passionate about outdoor education and the many ways Montessori principles permeate the everyday life in our school.

Ashley Taylor


Ashley has been helping organisations share their story through financial information since 2005. She earned her Accounting degree from the University of Nebraska and has additional training in management accounting, financial modelling and reporting. Ashley previously worked in the accounts department of Edinburgh University. She has a passion for working with small and medium businesses and brings extensive financial expertise to our administrative team.

Becca Boyde

Admissions Secretary and Administrative Continuity Lead

Becca joined the admin team as EMAS Foundation Manager in 2018 and moved to the school office in 2020. With passion for all things educational and a dedicated eye for detail, she keeps the back-office administration running smoothly. Becca has a background in heritage education and youth engagement, and coordinates the Scottish Learning Group.

Angelica Warner

Health and Safety Lead and P.A. to the Principal

Angelica’s background in health and social care comes with a wealth of experience in policy & procedures and running people centered organisations. She joined the EMAS team during a key growth phase and supports Emma as part time P.A. We enjoy Angelica’s positive attitude where she says her focus is on ‘’can do; fun; and the possible”

Classroom Teams

Infant Community

Marta Ribeiro

Montessori Educator

Originally from Portugal, Marta studied Montessori education through AMS at The Montessori Institute of the Pacific Northwest in the United States. Having taught in Colorado Marta moved with her family to Edinburgh where she joined the EMAS team in the summer of 2020.

She brings her deep understanding of toddler development and passion for the creative arts to her lead role in our Infant Community.

Nuha Al'Ogaili

Montessori Trainee

Nuha has been a regular visitor to our Infant Community for a number of years as support assistant and we were thrilled to offer her a traineeship in 2020.

Originally from Iraq, Nuha completed her training in childcare and education after moving to Scotland in the early 2000’s. She has a wide range of experience in Edinburgh settings. She is a dedicated early years practitioner. Her immense patience and deep understanding of very young children make her a wonderfully loving carer in our Infant Community.

Nina Hesz

Montessori Trainee

Having studied Clinical Psychology in her home country of Romania, Nina joined the EMAS team as a classroom assistant in 2020. Her gentle nature and keen understanding of children’s needs have quickly drawn our youngest children to love her dearly. We are pleased to be supporting Nina in her Montessori studies.

Children’s House Downstairs

Anuja Singh

Montessori Educator

Anuja joined the EMAS team from a Children’s House classroom in California; she also has experience working in Montessori settings in Ghana. Anuja completed her AMI Montessori training in Mumbai following her Bachelor’s in New Delhi and Master’s in Sydney.

She took over the running of our downstairs Children’s House classroom in 2020. Her calm and thoughtful approach and deep respect for the children help make this classroom a delightful space for our children to grow and learn.

Tabea Busch

Montessori Trainee

Tabea is studying for her Montessori Diploma with The Montessori Partnership. She joined EMAS in 2020 and quickly became a much loved member of our Children’s House team.

Originally from Germany and with a background in administration, Tabea discovered Montessori education through attending EMAS summer program with her own family.

Children’s House Upstairs

Anna Assimaki

Anna Assimaki

Montessori Educator

Anna completed her Montessori Diploma at Bournemouth Montessori Centre. Gentle, patient and quietly passionate about providing the best for children, Anna works hard to share her thoughtful guidance with all. She has worked in both our Infant Community and Children’s House, having joined the team in 2016. She is currently studying part time for her B.A. in Childhood Practice.

Eleni Papavasileou

Eleni Papavasiliou

Montessori Educator

Eleni holds a degree in Early Years education and a Masters in Exercise and Life Quality from Greece. Since joining the EMAS team in 2013, Eleni has completed her Montessori Diploma for Birth to 3. Having lead our Infant Community for several years, Eleni has embarked on her 3-6 Montessori journey in August 2020 and teaches alongside Anna in our upstairs classroom.

We are delighted that Eleni is expecting her first baby in summer 21. She began her maternity leave in April and we look forward to welcoming her back next year.


Kate Hanekom

Kate Hanekom

Montessori Educator and Additional Support Lead

Kate has come to Scotland from South Africa, where she completed her Montessori training and was a Senior Assistant Directress. She joined EMAS in 2016 and later completed her Elementary Diploma. In 2020 Kate took on the enhanced role of  additional needs coordinator for the Elementary age group. She firmly believes that the Montessori approach can provide the best learning platform for all children.

Corrine Spencer

Montessori Educator

Corrine completed her Montessori AMI 6-12 Diploma in Portland, Oregon following on from her Bachelors degree in Sociology. She joined EMAS in 2017 as Elementary Montessori Educator. Corrine is deeply interested in children’s learning and development and possesses an innate talent in building strong relationships with her pupils. She works in partnership Kate to guide and inspire our elementary group.

Corrine is on maternity leave from summer 2020. We look forward to welcoming her back with us next year.

Teens Hub

Iain Robertson Campbell

Principal Teacher and Humanities Guide

Having worked with young people in high schools and educational settings around the world, most recently based in Glasgow, Scotland, Iain joins the EMAS team with an extensive background in teaching and mentorship of teenagers. Iain is qualified and trained in the Humanities and English, Modern Studies, Media Studies and has a passion for ethics and philosophical inquiry. He is trained as Gestalt therapist and has taught effective meditation around the UK and is passionate about supporting the well-being and emotional health of young people.

Neeki Armani

STEM Lead Guide

With a BA in International Business she completed her PGCE in Physics at St Mary’s University, Twickenham.

Neeki became interested in Montessori education whilst studying for her Masters in Outdoor Environmental and Sustainability Education at Edinburgh University. She joined our Teens Hub and Elementary team in the spring of 2020 and began training as a Montessori guide the same year. She leads the Science, Technologies, Engineering and Maths studies of our Teens pupils and provides specialist science input to the elementary classroom.


Specialist Educators

Romina Mazzotta

Outdoor Educator

Romina joined the EMAS team in 2021 as Outdoor Educator and Montessori Trainee. With a background in community education and Forest School Romina coordinates and oversees the work in our gardens and paddock with all age groups – developing our outdoor spaces and the learning opportunities they offer.

Hazel Angus

Dance and Drama Educator

Having worked in musical theatre and education around the world Hazel joined the EMAS team in the summer of 2019. Inspired by the patience and respect for individual learning that she witnessed in so many ASN schools and day centres, she  is able to quickly establish a safe, supportive and hilarious environment full of joy where children’s curiosity for self expression flourishes.

Rachel Treloar

Visual Arts Educator and Art Therapist

Rachel is based in our dedicated studio space adjacent to the elementary classroom. Guiding the children’s artistic exploration she facilitates a cycle of inspiration, back and forth between artist and children. Additionally Rachel oversees the art therapy service that EMAS providing bespoke support to students who need it.
Rachel attended Manchester School of Art and then the University of Edinburgh, graduating with an Honours degree in Fine Arts Sculpture. She also holds an MSc in Art Psychotherapy and is registered with the British Association of Art Therapists and the Health and Care Professional Council.

Lindsay Anderson

Music Educator

Lindsay Anderson holds an honours degree in music from Edinburgh Napier University and a Masters degree from Birmingham Conservatoire where she specialised in percussion performance. Lindsay has worked with children in many different settings, including giving one to one music tuition and working in larger groups. She works with our Elementary and Teens Hub groups on a wide range of musical inspiration. Lindsay also runs our popular after-school Rhythm Club.

Romali Rosales

Spanish Educator

Romali trained as a Montessori Classroom Assistant whilst researching and developing the curriculum for second language teaching at her sons’ Montessori school in Mexico. With a Masters in Education Research and degree in Educational Psychology, she is passionate about developing opportunities for children. She joined EMAS in 2019 and is working with the whole school team to develop our Spanish language curriculum.

Carly Blain

Music Tutor

Scottish fiddle player Carly Blain is from Kelso in the Scottish Borders. She is a graduate from the Newcastle University Folk and Traditional Music Degree.

Carly offers private violin and piano tuition to EMAS pupils during the school day.

Non-teaching Staff

Laury McKinlay


Following her 20+ years creating culinary magic in commercial kitchens, we are honoured to have Laura with us cooking up a daily feast for (and often together with) the children. Inimitably cheerful, Laura has a smile and kind word for all. The children are regular visitors at her kitchen door, checking what’s on the menu and giving feedback and ideas.

When asked for examples of important women on International Women’s Day, our nursery children nominated Laura – “because she makes yummy food for the children who don’t bring packed lunch!”

Fama K Sarr

Hygiene Manager

Having worked in care settings and private homes, Fama joined the EMAS team in 2020. Following the start of the Covid-19 Pandemic Fama took on the senior role of Hygiene Manager, ensuring the health and safety of our children and extended community though robust health and hygiene procedures carried out daily.