Adolescents are beginning their journey between childhood and adulthood, and they display characteristics unique to their stage of development. EMAS provides environments to support this transition period. Our educators recognise the intensity with which adolescent characteristics can present and seek to provide channels, outlets and focus that capitalise on each students’ strengths and drive. EMAS provides opportunities to maximise individual potential, benefitting from appropriate personal support and challenge.

As our students reach adolescence, we recognise their need to understand fundamental questions about themselves.

Who am I? What am I passionate about?
How do I fit within society? How can I make a difference?

Our curriculum is mapped as ‘middle school 12-15’ in the following document: emas_curriculum 3 – 16

It is divided into three main domains:

cognitive development . creative expression . preparation for adult life

These domains are closely interwoven across the curriculum, with the intellectual development and creative expression domains having a particularly strong cross-curricular orientation. Humanities and Occupations studies feed through all three these domains to create a learning web.

Our curriculum is built around pivots of interconnection, systems thinking, accountability and sustainability. Moving from the local to the wider national and international contexts as they mature, our students explore their own place in today’s culture as ‘holders’ of human culture through the ages and into the future. This is facilitated through real work contexts on the smallholding where they gain direct experience of production and exchange and social organisation of the community. Students are given wide ranging opportunities for self-initiated study and work and exposure to intellectual challenge that consistently broadens their thought processes as they grow towards adulthood and the development of metacognition.

Middle School 12-15 . Senior Phase 15-18

We offer our students the option to undertake National 5 or GCSE (online) English and Mathematics courses the year they turn 16. Students who show aptitude earlier than this have the option to enrol earlier. Content relevant to these exams is taught throughout EMAS elementary and middle school years and students are well prepared before exam presentation. Following the online course content in their 16’th year allows students the chance to consolidate and practice prior understanding and focus on exam technique. A great opportunity to learn a life skill without the pressure of having to master the content at the same time.

Our senior phase students (16-18) choose from a wide range of Higher, AS and A-Level courses. Senior timetables are drawn up to include plenty of individual study time, access to our in-house EMAS mentors and prior to sitting exams – practical workshops in exam technique. Having ‘practised’ exam sitting at 16, our students embrace the ‘deep-dive’ nature of subject specific Higher and A Level study whilst also making use of myriad opportunities to consolidate learning through teaching others, applying knowledge to work in daily life, visiting careers fairs, college and university open days, hearing from visiting expert speakers and benefiting from a community based work environment. They also have continued access to our specialists in arts and music.

Decisions on subject choices are supported by the mentor teaching team, each students’ work and study history at EMAS and discussion with the students parents.

Our graduates, at the age of 18 are ready to contemplate their mission in life, and to specialise in a field of endeavour that will enable them to contribute in an independent, meaningful way to society and the world at large.