New Classroom at EMAS

September 7, 2018 Published by ,

Edinburgh Montessori Arts School have had a busy summer preparing their brand new classroom space, ready for this school year. Adjacent to their existing building at the scenic Tower Mains Steading, Liberton, the bespoke space is designed to house the mixed-age primary class alongside a dedicated music room and art studio. Pupils were excited to be part of the planning and design process of their new space.

“Our eldest pupils have spent time last year working with our architect, learning how she developed her plan and drawings. They used actual measurements to create scale 3D models of the space. We have gained great insight from the children and have enjoyed incorporating their ideas. Spaces that we assumed rudimentary, such as cloakroom and toilet areas, turned out to be of high importance to our young people and now really stand out as pleasant places to be. Inclusion of a bespoke area for outdoor gear, accessible storage of science equipment and the need for dedicated music and arts spaces came through direct discussion with the children and their teachers. Everyone is excited to finally be able to use the new space. This year’s challenge for the class is to design and plant a garden alongside their new classroom.” Emma Rattigan, Principal

The additional building means EMAS now has two nursery classrooms as well as Infant Community and Elementary programs.

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